We are so excited you'll be joining us on this consignment adventure. Whether you're just looking to thin out your closet, clean out an inherited estate or make some extra cash, we are here to help. What we are; a consignment store that resells pre-loved items in good condition. Your items must be; Authentic, clean, in good condition with no smells, no rips, no stains. Clothing must be clean, free of smoke, wrinkles or pet hair. We do not accept items that have been stored in unfinished basements that smell like mildew. NOTHING CAN SMELL LIKE MOTHBALLS We also do not accept ripped, torn, faded, pilled, stained or vintage merchandise. Items must be "floor ready".We will not steam or iron clothing, fix buttons, fix hems or seams. We are not a vintage store. Clothing must also be within the last 3 years. ​You must; have an appointment to consign or pickup unsold items, appointments can not be transferred. Friends and family can not pick up your items for you without prior approval from the owner of the store. Appointments can not be transferred to someone else. You must take your own place in your appointment. We have a waiting list of over 100 people waiting to consign with us and do not make exceptions. Please understand we are not a storage facility. A lot of time and money goes into setting up your account, paying employees to manage, list and set up your inventory. When you sign a contract with us, you are entering into a business agreement and will be held to it. Meaning; you can’t take back your items in a few days or weeks because you’ve changed your mind.

Do I need and appointment to consign?

Yes, please call or email to set up an appointment to consign. You can expect a 2-3 week wait, longer at the end of every season.

Do you buy merchandise?

At this time we do not buy any merchandise outright.

Do you take in furniture and decor?

Yes! We have just expanded our Decor section to a 1,300 sq ft room.