@fifisalbany has over 2,000 consignors at this time and is not currently accepting new consignors. 

We are currently taking Winter items by appointment and from current consignors only. Appointments are non-transferrable. 

  • CLEAN Items must be freshly washed. Please look over to make sure everything is in good condition. Items with rips, stains or tears (unless designed that way), deodorant stains, perfume smells, smelling like cigarette smoke or wrinkles will not be accepted,
  • Hung is preferred but not required. If you do fold it please do so lightly and place in a laundry basket a day or two at most before. 
  • SMELLS Please do not leave prepared items in a car if you are a smoker or transport food. Items will not be accepted if they smell like smoke or food. 
  • PERFUME / ESSENTIAL OILS Items that smells like perfume or essential oils will not be accepted. Our owner is allergic to Lavender and enhancements in essential oils. PLEASE DO NOT bring anything scented with lavender or oils of any kind into the store.
  • BRANDS not accepted; We do not take anything from Kohls, Target, JC Penney, NY & Co., Walmart or any similar discount type store.
  • AGE of items must be within the last 3 years. We are not a vintage store and do not accept vintage clothing or shoes.
  • SEX we accept items that are considered women’s only. We do not accept items that are considered men’s or children’s clothing.
  • Authentic We take counterfeit merchandise very seriously. It’s illegal as it’s theft of intellectual property and funds various types of criminal activity (child labor, slave labor, drugs, guns, sex trafficking, terrorism, etc). Do not any fake/replica merchandise into the store for us to look at. By law we are required to destroy it and counterfeit items will not be returned.
  • At this time we are not accepting new consignors.

    We no longer accept Wedding Gowns, furs or formal wear.

    If you would like to get on our wedding list to become a consignor please fill out the following form.