Fifi’s Frocks and Frills has over 2,000 consignors at this time and is not currently accepting new consignors.

If you are an existing consignor and would like to sign into your account, please follow these instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: Items are not inventoried as they arrive, they are only accounted for when sold. You will only see SOLD items in your account. If you would like to maintain an inventory list, please do so PRIOR to brining your items in. Bring the list in with you, then we will confirm what is kept and what is denied so you have an accurate list of what was left with us.

1. Go to our software website using the GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER. Ricochet will not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
2. Use your Email Address that you listed when signing your contract to login. (If you have yet to give us your email, or have changed your email please let us know and we will update it.)
3. Logging into your account for the first time, you need only to enter your email address as the user name.
4. Click “Login” and you will be prompted to create password.
5. Now you can manage your account by logging in using your email address and password you created.