2019 Consignor Policy Updates

2019 is a new year for all of us, including businesses. It’s time for positive changes, personal and professional growth, financial responsibility, and ways to improve our customer experience.

We’ve been making some changes to the consignment process, upgraded the computer system and going forward will be logging in all items processed as they come in. What this means to us on the back end is a huge increase in cost production wise, and employee labor, not to mention inflation, a raise in our rent chiefessays.net and every other bill or service we get. What this means to you is a change in our consignor fees. Effective immediately we will be charging a monthly fee of $5 to all active consignors with sales. If you don’t have any sales for the month, you will not be charged. For all other fees and fines, please read the Consignor Fee Schedule Page.

These fees are so small, most will barely be noticeable to you, but to us it’s a huge help to us. Our expenses continue to increase quarterly, and to keep up with our daily job responsibilities we need to increase our staff. We also need to up our security game to prevent theft.

Our main goal is to have both customers and consignors leave here with an amazing experience. We also want to do fun things with you guys like throw parties offsite somewhere, take field trips and ladies outings.

For those of you who think this is unfair and no longer with to consign with us, we good demonstration speeches understand and wish you the best of luck on your next consignment venture. No hard feelings.

For those of you staying, thank you for always being so amazing. We love you and can’t wait for another amazing year!!


Genn Shaughnessy