NEW! Referral Program

Did you know that referrals are our best form of advertising? All of our success depends on your referrals and we know it. We’ve been thinking of ways to reward you, and now that we’ve upgraded our computer program, we know have a way! 

For every customer that shops with us, and makes a purchase, when they checkout and tell us your name, you’ll get 2 points. For every 10 points you get, you’ll get $25 off of any purchase. That’s like an extra $6.25 off your purchase! 

These points never expire so they can be banked and saved up for a larger purchase, or you can chisel away at them every time you shop. 
Feel free to come by and grab some business cards so you can write your name on them if process speech topics you’re telling people that won’t know you by your first and last name, and make sure we’ve got you set up as a customer already. All we need is your first and last name.