$3 , 5 , $9 Clearance and Saturday Storm Brewing

 1/14/2020 - 1/18/2020

Winter Clearance & Markdowns
$3, $5 & $9 Clearance 
Even though we're expecting a significant storm in the Albany area Saturday, Spring is right around the corner and we've got hundreds of items in que to be processed and put out. But we can't do that until we make room. 
So that being said, I will be tagging all the clearance merch at $3, $5 and $9 today and tomorrow. Pretty much everything will be marked down to those prices, and most of those that aren't will be 50% off their original prices. Some exclusions apply. 
Here's and example of the pricing strategy.. 
$3 Tops & Pants 
$5 Sweaters, Jeans & Shoes
$9 Coats and Designer 
Store hours this week listed below.
Saturday Storm Expected
We are expecting a huge storm Saturday which could impact travel. If you are planning on shopping Saturday for something you need for the weekend, you may want to plan ahead in case travel is not possible for you. We will still open regardless of weather, but may have a delayed opening or early closing depending on how bad the roads are. 
Store Hours
Tuesday 11am to 6pm 
Wednesday 11am to 6pm
Thursday 11am to 6pm 
Friday 11am to 5pm 
Saturday 11am to 5pm* 
*keep an eye out for communication regarding Saturday's anticipated storm. 

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