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Great News! 
We're making big moves in our online store. We've just been approved to sell through Google, Amazon, Lyst, Buzzfeed, and Bon2TV. We're already on Instagram and Facebook, and now we've added a buy button and buy through Facebook Messenger as well. 
Our new website is pretty great. We switched our point of sale provider and our web store provider and they are now able to communicate with each other so now all we have to do is add photos to our 13,000 items we have listed in stock. I thought we had 300,000 but that was an error in our previous programming so my apologies for misspeaking.  
Obviously that is going to take some time, and we are starting to add photos by sections in the store. If there is anything you would like to see, please let us know and we will make that a priority. 
We just added a chat option, so you can message us right on the website as well if you have any questions.
What does this mean for you locals? It means our reach is spreading quite quickly, and you're going to need to come in more often in order to compete with our online shoppers because things will be going out faster then ever.  
Things are really moving and shaking! 
LA Style 
One of our amazing consigners was a Fashion Agent in LA. She's only been here 2 years and is already moving on to NYC so she's cleaned out her closet and brought it to us! 
Lots of fun clothing (mostly black) in sizes XS through Medium, shoes size 8.5 & 9. 
I posted some videos on FB and Instagram of the unpacking for you to see it all if you're bored and want to check it out. 

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