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@FifisAlbany R200 VIP Concierge Pickup in action

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Today we had a VIP Concierge pick up service for our consignor R200. Her identity has been kept under wraps as we always protect our consignors privacy, but she let us know she doesn't mind if people know that its her stuff and she's even been so kind as to share with her social media following as well. 

Which always helps accounts btw. If you are a consignor with us, or anyone else for that matter, businesses like ours rely on word of mouth for success. The more people you tell about your consigned items, the more likely they will sell and the business will thrive. A big thank you to all of you that do! 

She gave us a heads up that it was going to be her biggest haul and we should take two cars. Sooo I thought it best to try out some bigger SUV's then my Q5, and rented a Suburban!!! I am so glad I did, not only was the size perfect it was a great experience and made the job so much easier for everyone involved. 

It took four of us to load up the truck and was so fun, it was like an assembly line. I even got to play with some of her puppies while I waited for some of the clothing to be brought down. Give me all of the puppies! 

We dedicated a wall to her items so when you walk into the front of the store, it's the main wall on the right with all the displays shown in these images. 

Wanna know who she is? You're just gonna have to come into the store and find out! 

Check out all our videos of the process and display images on Facebook and Instagram

Check out her collection on our website HERE. Please keep in mind that it is going to take a few days to go through her collection, it is almost all hung and displayed, but it will take a few days to price and list online. You are more then welcome to shop it, and we can price it on the fly, it just takes a few extra minutes to do it so please allow yourself the extra time. 

If you are interested in the VIP Concierge Service, please visit this page for more information.