Fifi's Pandemic Promise Mystery Donation Box

Fifi's Pandemic Promise Mystery Donation Box

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Give back to someone in need when you purchase a Pandemic Promise Donation Mystery Box.

These mystery boxes are just like the previous ones we've done, only these are gifted from you to someone in need.

Each box will be customized with approximately 10-15 lbs of clothing, shoes and accessories and will be packaged in a box that is 12X16X10".

They can be available for curbside pickup if you are gifting it yourself, or will be delivered to your donations location.

We will be in touch with local schools, shelters, and other non-profits to see who we can help, and will be 100% transparent in where these boxes end up with daily social media posts, and weekly email summaries so you know where they are going.

If you know of someone in need you would like this to go to, but want to remain anonymous, we can do that too!

It's our way of giving back to the community, and doing what we can to salvage our business.

If you would like to pay by cash in person, or online via venmo that is also an option.